FATE – From Art to Empowerment | Study Visit
Become empowered and learn how to create safer spaces as a youth worker!
📍 Warsaw, Poland
📆 06-08 October 2023 (excluding travel dates)
⏲ Deadline: ASAP

👉 Are you a youth worker 18+? Do you want to gain more experience in dealing with individuals encountering gender-based discrimination?

🌈 FATE is a project aiming at enhancing youth workers’ competencies when working with people encountering Gender-based Discrimination. Moreover, it seeks to strengthen youth workers and young people through an approach that emphasizes inclusiveness and empowerment, and uses creative tools and outdoor pursuits to accomplish these ends.

During the study visit, you will have the opportunity to:
✅ Take part in host organization’s activities and learn about their unique approach to the subject of gender-based discrimination
✅ Engage with members of local organizations dedicated to the subject of gender-based discrimination, activists, and local stakeholders
✅ Analyze the outcomes to initiate the development of a learning methodology grounded in genuine needs and challenges
✅ Get familiar with the resources and needs of both youth workers and young people

More Information and Application Form:
▶ https://roes.coop/mobility/fate-from-art-to-empowerment/

🇪🇺 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, enabling us to collaborate with our partner organizations to create an inclusive and creative environment in non-formal education: Fundacja Po Prostu Da Się 🇵🇱 | Active Rainbow 🇱🇻

『 We 🌀 are really glad to cooperate with our two partners to address such an urgent topic through FATE. There’s more to come soon, so stick around! 』

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