📢 Time to wrap it up! reCREATE KA2 project is now at its closing. Stay with us to look back at what we create in the last 2 years:

🔎 ReCREATE has been a 2 year project with the goal to fight misinformation on Migration in
Europe by cross-sectoral cooperation between 7 countries and brought together public associations and social enterprises.

🚀 During the course of this amazing journey, we as organisations and educators, had the opportunity to engage and raise awareness of young people supporting them to create original and different narratives about migration and to counter misinformation.

🎯 What did we achieve in these 2 years?
✅ We supported young people to raise their awareness on Migration and their critical thinking
✅ We supported young people to enhance their creative, media literacy and video making skills
✅ We developed Countries-based Research about fake news and migration in Ireland, Greece, France, Spain, Romania, Germany and Italy
✅ We developed a Participatory Documentary made by young people on new narratives of migration
✅We developed a series of online courses for youths about Media and technology literacy against fake news

ℹ https://recreate-europe.eu/
ℹ reCREATE Partipatory Documentary https://bit.ly/450S9b7

🇪🇺 New Narratives Youth Mobility is part of the KA2 Project ReCreate, co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, and a collaboration between Champions Factory 🇮🇪 | Scout Society 🇷🇴 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷 | Progeu 🇮🇹 | Association Hexagonale 🇫🇷 | Europass Berlin 🇩🇪 | Asociación SEI Elkartea 🇪🇸

『 We are extremely grateful to have been part of this amazing project! We thank our partners and participants for joining forces in achieving such great results. We are inspired by the creation of new narratives and changes for society and will continue to work towards seeing more of it!』

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