reCREATE healthy narratives to tackle fake news – Partnership for Creativity (Erasmus+ KA2)

The aim of the project is to create new narratives and tackle fake news to fight misinformation on migration in Europe. It involves young people and youth organizations, coming from 7 different European countries.

Project Streams: 


Here’s what we created through reCREATE:

Participatory Video

A collective work of young people from 7 different countries around Europe. Their aim was to create new narratives and bring different perspectives on Migration by telling their own stories and the stories of the people they met during this creative journey.

E-learning Course

We are developing an e-learning platform providing courses about Media and Technology Literacy to tackle the spread of fake news.

Research Analysis

Together with our partners, we ran a country-field research about misinformation and fake news related to migration in Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Germany, France, Ireland.

Project Website

The official website created for the project.

Activity  Timeline 

APRIL 2021
APRIL 2021

Kickoff Meeting


JULY 2021
JULY 2021

First Transnational Project Meeting

Rome, Italy 


Second Transnational Project Meeting

Berlin, Germany 

JULY 2022
JULY 2022

Blended Mobility - Youth Media Training

Athens, Greece

reCreate | Our final Transnational Partners Meeting in Athens

FINAL TRANSNATIONAL PARTNERS' MEETING Our project "reCREATE healthy narratives to tackle fake news" is officially coming to an end! On the 24th of February we gathered in Athens in the cozy community space of Connect your City for the Final Transnational Project...

Multiplier Event | Documentary Premiere

MULTIPLIER EVENT | DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE  We released the Participatory Documentary made by participants of New Narratives Youth Media Training! There are pillows for everyone? Where are the popcorns? After some work behind the scenes, some editing and post-editing...

Documentary Premiere

DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE  Join the premiere of the Participatory Documentary made by youth on Misinformation on Migration! Connect Athens, Atlantos 22 12/12/2022 13:00-14:00 Too busy for socializing? Too tired after work for late-at-night events? Come to share your lunch...

Day 8 – Closing

DAY 8 - CLOSING  Today was the last day of the mobility part of the project. A day full of emotions during which we reflect and share what we experienced the previous week. However, our engagement in New Narratives will not end today! More online challenges are...

Day 7 – Harvesting and Celebrating

DAY 7 - HARVESTING AND CELEBRATING  The end of the project is coming (already?) and is now time to celebrate our successes, our learning growth and reap the benefits of our work.  Today we split in different groups. Some of us kept on going editing and finalising the...

Day 6 – Editing

DAY 6 - EDITING  Today was probably one of the most intense days of the training. Editing a video or a short film requires patience, communication and listening. More than the days before we had to strongly trust each other and in our team spirit!  Editing is not just...

Day 5 – Film the Change

DAY 5 - FILM THE CHANGE  Today we had the freedom and responsibility of filming our videos. We used our cameras, equipment, and all the guerilla ways to make the magic happen.  For some of us it was the first time interviewing a refugee, for some of us it was the...

Day 4 – Discovery

DAY 4 - DISCOVERY The highlight of the day was Connections!  Today we start the second part of the project: During the first three days we focused on learning and enhancing our skills in video-making, as well as reflecting and discussing the core topic of the project....

Day 3 – Try Out!

DAY 3 - TRY OUT! The highlight for today was Teamwork!  We started the day with a workshop on Migration, during which we explored the different narratives and stories behind this topic, sharing our perspectives and personal stories.  How to transform your vision into...

Day 2 – You Do You

DAY 2 - YOU DO YOU What makes you be you? What is the most effective way to show it?  Our second day was focused on going deeper in acquiring and enhancing our visual media and video making skills, still keeping it simple but fun and significant. We experimented, we...

project partners

The organisations and people behind the project who we join forces with and grow together.

Champions Factory

Champions Factory





Scout Society

Scout Society


Association Hexagonale

Association Hexagonale


Europass Academy Berlin

Europass Academy Berlin


Roes Cooperativa

Roes Cooperativa


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