Day 7 – Coming Together

🤲 Can we blindly trust each other?

🤔 One week ago we didn’t even know who all these people were, and today we can already let ourselves be in their hands, literally. The trust and cooperation games we did today proved us exactly that. And it is a good thing to realise, as today, we are on our own.

💝🇬🇷 After experiencing to the fullest the Greek generosity in the previous days, tomorrow it is our turn to give something back. And we want it to be meaningful.

🏋️‍♀️ Our challenges – #Teamwork#Resilience#Communication and #DigitalSkills.
👁️ Our vision – altruism and generosity.

🎯 Starting from the reality we observed during our outdoor challenge in Nafplio, we divided ourselves in groups and brainstormed ideas. 🧠 We had plenty.
Narrowing them down, consulting ourselves with the facilitators, adjusting, discussing and re-adjusting, we managed to organize ourselves and slowly define a clear direction and a plan for tomorrow. 📝

🌜It was a long day and we were tired of all the planning, but the middle of the night found us still together – singing and preparing materials.

👀 Curious what happens tomorrow? Stay tuned!

🇪🇺 This youth mobility is happening in the context of the Erasmus+ KA2 project ‘E-mployed’ and it is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme.

🤝 Nothing would be possible without the great help of our partners:
Innovation Education Lab 🇷🇴 | SkillsUp 🇳🇱 | Ofensiva Tinerilor 🇷🇴 | Inclusion Go 🇮🇹

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