Day 6 – Homecoming

Sweaty. Exhausted. Thrilled.

🌅 That’s how we returned from our outdoor quest. These were the marks of the adventures we had – of the long hours spent under the sun dancing, swimming or going to our next destinations. We were tired, but full of stories that we couldn’t wait to share.

❤️ It was so joyful meeting the other groups again and so exciting to hear their experiences, the theater performances immersed us in their stories.

🧘 It was now the moment to take some time by ourselves, reflect and anchor our learnings. What did we discover? What are we grateful for? What triggered us? How did we react when things were getting tough? It was a lot to think about. 💭

🌳 The wind was softly blowing when we gathered again under the oak tree, for a second sharing. Going one by one, facing everyone’s shiny eyes, and speaking from our heart – the good, but also the bad. By the time the last person finished sharing, our hearts were all melted and our cheeks soaked in tears.

🤝❤️ We formed strong connections during the quest, and today we opened up and showed a tiny bit more of who we are and what matters for us. And it was touching.

There are three more days to go. Who knows where they could possibly lead us from here.

🇪🇺 This youth mobility is happening in the context of the Erasmus+ KA2 project ‘E-mployed’ and it is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme.

🤝 Nothing would be possible without the great help of our partners:
Innovation Education Lab 🇷🇴 | SkillsUp 🇳🇱 | Ofensiva Tinerilor 🇷🇴 | Inclusion Go 🇮🇹

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