📣 New Project Announcement
📆 Duration: 1 Year

🚀 Introducing you ‘Moving statues toward Gender equality’ (MuST GEn), an exciting one-year initiative that is designed to actively counteract the development of gender stereotypes and discrimination using art, gender geography, and the observation of the statuary of our cities.

🌈 This project is our response to the pressing issue of gender inequalities, aiming to unveil the hidden biases that underlie sexism, violence against women, and entrenched masculinity. Our primary focus is on adolescents, particularly those facing more challenges, aged between 14 and 18, and youth workers in the cultural and social sector.

MuST GEn sets out with three key objectives:

◎ To equip youth workers, with innovative non-formal education methods to promote inclusiveness and gender equality using public statues representations.

◎ To amplify the role of art as a universal language that captivates and engages EU’s youth in social matters and brings about change. As well as to emphasize the connection between public spaces and individuals representation.

◎ To kindle in young people a desire to participate in artistic reflections on gender equality through an innovative approach to non-formal education.

🔜 Interested enough and curious to learn more? Join us during our Public Project Release Meeting on 27th of January 2024 CET at this link at this link

👉 https://bit.ly/MuSTGEN_ReleaseMeeting

🇪🇺 This project is co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program, supported by the Agenzia N azionale Giovani and empowered by its partner organizations: MICCE 🇮🇹 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷

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