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You Hiker

Learning opportunity

October 4, 2023

October 12, 2023




You-Hiker is a two-phase experiential learning project designed for youth workers. It fosters better connections with young people, encourages deep learning and reflection, and focuses on four key aspects of outdoor education: expanding comfort zones, boosting self-esteem through Live Action Role-Playing (LARP), addressing the needs of today's youth with GPS and geocaching, and promoting an active lifestyle for habit change.

✅ Empower youth workers and youngsters to use LARP in practice
✅Learn how to reach young people and prevent them from radicalization
✅Emphasize on outdoor education methodologies

•18+ years old
•Youth worker, trainer and/or educator, planning to use outdoors in youth work & educational activities.
•Interested to acquire & improve competences for using outdoors as a method for social inclusion, cooperation and education.
•Committed to fully attend all phases and create local activities, want to develop & love challenges.
•Ready to participate in an intercultural environment and challenge yourself in working on a high intensity programme full of practical assignments
•Able to work and communicate in English