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May 11, 2024

May 19, 2024



This Training Course, led by Egyesek is an 8-day training course that aims to introduce and practice an innovative problem-solving methodology and mindset (Design Thinking), which starts and ends with community needs.

During the project you will have the opportunity to:
✅Know about Design Thinking as a methodology and mindset,
✅Go through a demo process of designing for the local communities from needs to results,
✅Identify challenges and create solutions by implementing prototypes of possible ones.

• Over 18 years old and able to communicate fluently in English,
• Youth Worker, Youth Professional, or Volunteer of a Youth Organization,
• Min. 3 years of experience in Youth Work
• Have a wicked problem related to your profession, that is specific, with many interdependent factors making it seem impossible to solve and you are willing to work on it during the training with others.