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Queer Rural Identities II

Learning opportunity

May 8, 2024

May 16, 2024


18 - 30

28th March

This Youth Exchange led by @colectivo21, aims to empower LGBTQIA+ youth in rural areas by fostering personal growth, building supportive communities, and promoting activism and awareness through creative expression, cross-cultural collaboration, and awareness-raising activities.

This project is going to give you the opportunity to:
✅ Ensure participation of LGBTQIA+ youth coming from rural contexts, villages, suburban and peripheral areas,
✅ Share information about LGBTQIA+ rights in different European countries, kinds of activism and the use of creative and artistic tools to raise awareness,
✅ Promote local activism, national and international actions with the aim of ensuring a safer space for young people to live this community experience.

•Youngsters coming from rural areas, small villages,
•Strong motivation to learn and acquire new skills, step out of your comfort zone,
•Willingness in learning and sharing.

Videos made for local NGOs around Europe

Find out more about our Training Course here: