Never Say No To Panda

Ready to flow into the stream?

Never Say No To Panda

Youth Learning Opportunity

May 3, 2023

-May 12, 2023



Deadline Passed

With this experience, you will have the chance not only to develop your soft skills, but also to reach your goals and build the right mindset for your next ones. Through it, @Roes Coop will share their knowledge on the core life and career competencies needed today through challenges and games that have as an aim to get you out of your comfort zone.

During the project, you will have the opportunity to:
- Train 8 key competencies for employment
- Raise your chances to score your dream job
- Learn more about the sustainable lifestyle

- 18+ year old
- In search of their next step in their career
- Interested in challenging yourself in order to build an entrepreneurial mindset