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Learning opportunity

January 11, 2024

January 20, 2024




The project is for 18+ youth workers, educators, mentors, facilitators, trainers, and volunteers who are eager to enhance their personal, professional, and social skills while actively engaging in follow-up and dissemination activities to benefit their local communities.

During this training you will have the opportunity to:
✅Delve into the wolrld of mental health and well-being.
✅Promote healthy lifestyle habits, as well as leisure-recreational and cultural activities.
✅Share preventive tools, techniques and methodsin terms of protecting mental health.
✅Exchange ideas and good practices developed in different European contexts on the awareness and approach of mental health in youth work.

•18+ years old,
•Youth worker, educator, mentor, facilitator, trainer, project manager, volunteer who are actively involved in working with youth,
•Interested in developing new personal, professional and social skills,
•Willing to contribute to the local community with follow-up and dissemination activities.