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MiGiS: Migrant Girls in Sports - Never Behind Again!

Learning Opportunity

November 3, 2023

November 6, 2023




Migrant Girls in Sport - Never Behind Again! is a dynamic and engaging training designed to address
the specific needs and obstacles faced by migrant girls in the realm of sports.
Throughout this training, we will explore ways to facilitate inclusion through a mix of group work and interactive sports activities, enhancing the overall well-being and empowerment of migrant girls.

By nurturing our own initiative and leadership skills, engaging in meaningful discussions with each other,
and participating in interactive games, we will develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by these girls in our communities and equip ourselves with the tools we need to support them.

During the project, you will have the opportunity to:
✅ Learn about discrimination migrant children face everyday, especially migrant girls in sports
✅ Obtain tools to support them as a youth worker back home
✅ Practice them in a supporting learning environment
✅ Transmit them to your local communities

• 18+ years old
• Comfortable talking in English (at least B2)
• At least 3-year experience working with youth - especially if with migrant background
• Previous experience in sport activities is a plus
• Availability to participate in person to the workshop in Sofia and to commit to follow-
up activities
• To be based in Italy, Greece or Bulgaria
• Creative and interested in working in multicultural and diverse environments