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Life on earth and risk prevention (LEAP)

Funded volunteering (ESC)

August 20, 2023

September 4, 2023

Marostica, Italy

18 - 30

July 30th 2023

Amici del Villaggio is looking for 16 motivated volunteers who will learn how to monitor, evaluate and prevent hydrogeological risk on the territory, linked with climates changes and with the increasingly frequent extreme weather phenomena.

During the project you will:
✔️ Learn how to use basic and advanced monitoring systems,
✔️ Practice prevention risks techniques,
✔️ Visit fragile environments in the Veneto region,
✔️ Compare awareness and protection systems among European countries,
✔️ Participate in activities organized by a Civil Protection group.

• 18 - 30 years old
• Curious about hydrogeological risks
• Want to get involved in environmental and humanitarian volunteering project
• Develop solidarity and participate in community life