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Leading From Within

Training Course

October 5, 2023

October 11, 2023




For social and cultural change to create a real positive impact it has to be mindfully facilitated and led from the internal place of wisdom, humility and service. Mindfulness capacity is therefore not something that we simply use for our own personal wellbeing but when we apply it to the level of social change it can transform the way in which we understand and perceive issues, and it can increase the likelihood of making internally driven, ethical and wise decisions that are aligned with what community most needs.

The need to take a pause to replenish ourselves and our environment with fresh energy and mindful presence has never been bigger. Collectively, we need to take responsibility to cultivate our inner and outer ecosystems so that they become more resilient and sustainable even in the face of adversity such as recently experienced pandemics. In these circumstances, the project 'Regenerating Ourselves, Regenerating Earth' was created in order to allow youth workers to apply mindfulness and embodiment approach to foster not only individual health and wellbeing, but also to shape inclusive and compassionate society, and promote advancement of sustainable social change for the common good of all. This Training is the second Phase of this project.

In this training course you will have an opportunity to gain a deeper self-understanding of your own relationship to social, environmental and economic issues and the ways in which positive change can be facilitated by connecting with the inner sense of power and applying conscious approach to change. Moreover, we want to provide you with a set of powerful pedagogical tools for mindful leadership which you can apply within the frameworks of your own work with young people to facilitate sustainable and conscious change making processes.

This project is for anyone:
• Motivated to cultivate mindfulness capacity, learn about self-care practices and integrate lessons learned into daily life and work
• Feeling comfortable to participate in activities that take place in nature
• Minimum 18 years old, no upper age limit
• Resident in Greece