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Learning opportunity

November 30, 2023

December 8, 2023



1st of November

This Training Course, led by @egyesek is designed to provide participants with essential skills in facilitation, coaching, and training. It leverages methodologies and tools developed over 15 years, enriched by the expertise of professional trainers.

The project consists of three phases, and active participation in all of them is strongly encouraged, almost being a requirement. Throughout this journey, you will have the chance to present your project or training idea to one of the Co-Founders of Roes Cooperativa and receive support in securing funding for it. Join us in this endeavor!

During the project you will have the opportunity to:
✅ Read and assess group dynamics & identify group needs,
✅ Develop your skills in creating an optimal learning environment,
✅ Gain skills, knowledge and attitudes based on trainership,
✅Work with the same methodology, elements and learning culture that Roes Cooperativa is working with.

•Age over 18 years old.
•Prior experience in leading youth programs, including training courses, workshops, and learning activities.
•Possess a portfolio showcasing previous leadership in youth programs.
•Commitment to facilitating activities within six months following the training course(s).
•Capable of clear communication in English at an intermediate level.