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Training Course

April 28, 2024

May 9, 2024


18 - 30


Rich and poor, young and old, rural and urban, peasant and citizen, bold and shy, creed and philosophy of life, gender, sexuality, origin.

The differences in society are innumerable, and often a source of prejudice and conflict. Most of the time we actually know very little about the other and move in our own circles.

How many people do you interact with who are really different from you? And how much do you really know about the other person?

This is Groundbreakers; a changemakers program full of challenges for young people who dare to step outside their comfort zone, want to develop into 21st century leaders and make a difference in their environment.

50% of the program consists of training:
Community building, deep democracy, appreciative enquiry, theory U, action planning, creative project design and much more

50% development of a project in the hosting city of Emmen:
The training elements prepare us for setting up a social intervention in the town of Emmen with our hosting partner. Under the guidance of a coach and with supporting assignments, participants will work as a group to develop and realize a groundbreaking project.

Why to participate as a young person?
✅ To work on personal development;
✅ To get trained in collaboration, leadership, dialogue, and facilitation techniques;
✅ To learn by doing how to make a difference in your environment;
✅ To encourage dialogue and build bridges;
✅ To make a lasting and positive impact in the community

If you are you motivated to:
⦿ Build bridges between groups that do not normally meet;
⦿ Work with a group on an initiative;
⦿ Engaging people in your community;
⦿ Expand your personal boundaries;
⦿ Meet young people from Europe and the local community;
⦿ Tell at a closing festival what you have learned and realized
⦿ Be present on 28 April - 9 May (that is including travel days)

Then you are the Groubreaker we are looking for.