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January 5, 2024

January 13, 2024




This Training Course, led by @MaekAPS, targets the specific needs of youth workers, volunteers in partner associations, and marginalized youth in local communities by facilitating the exchange of individual practices among organization workers, transferring essential skills through experienced trainers, and emphasizing the importance of creating a common action plan to directly benefit the communities

This project is going to give you the opportunity to:
✅Utilize experiential learning methods to create social inclusion within your community,
✅Connect, self-educate, and organize hands-on workshops for inmates with alternative sentences,
✅Establish systems of dialogue among young people, associations, and local entities to support social inclusion events and initiatives.

•18+ years old
•Educators, Youth Leaders, Youth Workers,
•Volunteers in local communities that work closely with marginalized youth.

Videos made for local NGOs around Europe

Find out more about our Training Course here: