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ESC Opportunities in North East of France

Funded volunteering (ESC)

September 1, 2023

August 1, 2024


18-30 years old


@ Info Jeunes Grand Est is offering 3 volunteering positions, 1 as a volunteer in a Vocational High School and 2 in leisure activities with disabled adults. Join their team and get to know yourself through work in education and social care.

During the project you will:
✔️Get involved in various workshops, leisure activities, and handicraft activities
✔️Support the learning of foreign language with non-
formal methods
✔️Help to implement different intercultural activities such as building up the knowledge about Erasmus+ exchange possibilities
✔️Introduce your culture by various means (organizing sport events, movie evenings with
discussions in English or German, integration days for new students etc)

•18 - 30 years old
•Soft skills; listening, patience, communication
•Kind, motivated and self initiative individual
•Interested in working with people with disability
•Basic level of french (and german for volunteering in a Vocational High School)