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Erasmus+ Training Course

October 28, 2022

-November 6, 2022



Deadline Passed

With this experience, led by Klick e.V and Roes Cooperativa, you will have the chance not only to develop your skills in video-making and media content creation, but also boost your organisation’s outreach, bringing you a step closer to the social change you wish to see in the world. This youth training program is based on an Experiential Learning approach, you will learn by doing, and by reflecting upon what you did. Expect a dynamic program containing several methods and work-formats added one on top of each other like lego bricks.

During the project, you will have the opportunity to:
✅ Practice new media skills and tools through media assignments
✅ Reflect on your work and get feedback from other participants and trainers
✅ Create 2 social promotional videos, one in Berlin and one in your home country
✅ Work with a multinational team and expand your network

• 18+ year old youth worker, volunteer, or staff member of non-profit initiatives
• Interested in how to incorporate new technologies and video making in your work
• Eager to learn or develop further your skills in video making
• Ready to participate in an intercultural environment and eager to challenge yourself in working on a high-speed training course full of
practical assignments
• Resident of Austria, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Spain


See For Yourself

Videos Made For German NGO’s

Videos Made For Local NGO’s Around Europe