Colibri Free Democratic School

Ready to flow into the stream?

Colibri Free Democratic School

Long Term Volunteering (ESC)

August 1, 2023

-August 1, 2024


18 - 30 years old

Deadline March 17th 2023

Škola CoLibri is looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals who enjoy being around children and want to contribute to the development of an inclusive environment where other languages, cultures and personalities are embraced as a natural part of life.

During the project you will:
• Join various educational workshops, team-building activities, and summer camps for kids.
• Contribute to the creation of an alternative approach towards the classical educational model.
• Explore the experience in a free democratic school.
• Bond with the families of the school’s students and develop a deeper connection with the community.

• 18 - 30 years old
• Enthusiastic about interacting with children, and eager to share your interests with them