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Changemaker 5.0

Learning opportunity

April 4, 2024

April 13, 2024



This Training Course, led by @egyesek is an 8-day personal development training course for those already guiding either groups or volunteers, who want to improve their performance, based upon the principles of self-awareness, resourcefulness, and accountability.

The training is here for you to:
✅Reflect on your mindset: attitudes, values, and beliefs,
✅Realize how your mindset influences your behaviors, the results you get, and the relationships you have with other people in your working context,
✅Acquire models and tools to align yourself with your core values, while being more inclusive towards others and unexpected situations,
✅Put your experience into practice and exchange best practices with other participants.

• 18 years and able to communicate easily in English
• Experience in youth work: youth organization staff, volunteers, mentors, youth leaders
• Willing to take part on a challenging program towards self-reflection
• Will participate fully in the programme from the beginning to the end.