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Learning opportunity

July 4, 2024

July 13, 2024

Czech Republic


This Training Course, led by INspire, aims to develop stress management, self-awareness, and conflict resolution skills while fostering connections with youth, addressing negative communication patterns, and promoting creativity and authentic expression.

During the project you will have the opportunity to:
✅Re-connect from the body to the self and Re-late with others through movement meditations and practices.
✅Come in touch with our inner landscapes and emotions,
✅Explore the space between the automatic mechanisms of the ordinary body & extra-ordinary body.

•18+ years old
•Active in pedagogy/youth work (working with youngsters on daily or weekly basis)
•Recognizing the need for embodiment practices and a lack of competences in this area
•Having an idea on how to actively use awareness into movement in their youth work
•In need of developing following areas:
1) Stress management, and resilience
2) Creating connections with youth
3) Self-awareness
4) Observing and revealing wrong patterns into movement and communication. Releasing and replacing with new.
5) Conflict de-escalation and resolution.
6) Creativity and authentic self-expression