📣 Our latest adventure unfolded in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, on November 3-6, 2023.
✨ MiGiS is a year-long journey dedicated to leveraging the incredible power of sports to foster inclusion and empowerment for migrant girls across Europe. Here’s what we achieved through this training:
✅ We delved deep into crafting safe(r) spaces for migrant girls in our communities.
✅ We embraced our roles as educators and trainers, gearing up with the knowledge and skills needed to uplift migrant girls, boost their confidence, and enhance their inclusion in sports.
✅ We explored the very essence of migrant girls’ rights and their place in the world of sports, working together to find practical solutions to the everyday challenges they encounter.
⚽ But that’s not all!
👉 Get ready for our future workshops in schools, where we’ll spread the word about the incredible benefits of sports for migrant girls, providing them with the opportunity to shine, connect, and thrive on the field!
👉 As well as our podcasts, where we’ll share inspiring stories and best practices from our project.
💫 Keep an eye out for the latest updates on our mission to create a society where migrant girls not only thrive, but also take center stage!
🇪🇺 Our heartfelt thanks go out to the European Union, which supports this project through the Erasmus+ program. This enables us to collaborate with exceptional partners across Europe, including Europamente ETS 🇮🇹 and Bulgarian Sports Development Association 🇧🇬
『 To our incredible local partners Free Movement Skateboarding, Yoga Sport With Refugees Athens, Empowervan, and Greek Forum of Migrants – Ελληνικό Φόρουμ Μεταναστών, we want to extend our deepest gratitude. We cannot wait to make waves with you in creating a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming place. Let’s keep the ball rolling! 💪✨