Migrant Girls in Sports | Small-scale partnerships in youth (Erasmus+ KA2)

📢 Our Awesome Transnational Project Meeting went down recently in 📍 Rome, Italy!

Brace yourselves for our epic new project, “Migrant Girls in Sport: Never Behind Again!” It’s all about engaging European youth in inclusion efforts for migrant girls through the mighty power of sports. Let the games begin! ⚽

🤝 During this meeting, we rocked some major milestones:
✅ We brainstormed strategies to empower migrant girls through sports, giving them the chance to shine, boost their confidence, and build strong connections with each other
✅ We set the vibes for selecting our dream team of youth trainers who will make this project soar to greatness.
✅ We dropped tasks like it’s hot, with specific dates locked and loaded.

🔜 But wait, there’s more!
👉 Get ready for our mind-blowing 🛹 training sessions for youth workers, gearing them up with the raddest skills to fully embrace and integrate migrant girls into the sports scene.
👉 Our local workshops in schools will be the talk of the town, spreading the word on the immense value of sports for migrant girls and giving them the ultimate chance to jump in, connect, and rule the field! 🏄
👉 Stay tuned for our podcasts 🎧 where we’ll share success stories and best practices from our project. We’re here to inspire and motivate other organisations to embrace sports as a powerful tool for inclusion.

💫 Keep it locked for the freshest updates on our game-changing journey as we build a society where migrant girls not only thrive, but also take centre stage!

🇪🇺 The project is supported by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program, enabling us to collaborate with partners across Europe making a positive difference in the lives of migrant girls through sports: @Europamente 🇮🇹 | @BSDA 🇧🇬

『 We extend our deepest gratitude to our partners. Your dedication and support are off the charts, and together, we’re creating a Europe that’s stronger, more inclusive, and ready to rock! Let’s keep hustling, making a positive impact, and celebrating diversity every step of the way. Bring it on! 💪✨
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