🗣 Our first Transnational Project Meeting in Berlin marked the beginning of the Food for Good Club project, setting the stage for a collaborative journey towards sustainable food systems.

🎯 From insightful introductions to strategic planning, here’s a glimpse into our gathering:

👉🏻 A landmark moment as partners, both familiar faces and new, gathered for the first time, fostering a spirit of collaboration and shared vision by building trust and setting a cooperative tone for the meeting.

👉🏻 We delved into the heart of the project through non-formal education activities, exchanging innovative ideas on sustainable food practices and setting the stage for impactful actions.

👉🏻 Our discussions paved the way for the development of a digital food literacy cookbook, a collaborative effort to merge culinary insights and sustainability from across Europe.

👉🏻 We charted the course for upcoming events, including Food Hackathons and international gatherings, aimed at spreading the seeds of sustainable food consumption and production.

🇪🇺 Supported by the Erasmus+ programme and our partners: YEPP EUROPE 🇩🇪 | YEPP Italia 🇮🇹 | Inspira – Intervenção juvenil e ambiental 🇵🇹 | LOGO – Steirische Fachstelle für Jugendinformation und -kommunikation 🇦🇹 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷

『 We’re now moving into the Grow phase with excitement. Roes is proud to be the first host, inviting everyone interested to join us in this pioneering project. This meeting in Berlin was not just a start but a promise of the impactful changes we aim to bring to European food systems together.』

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