FATE: From art to empowerment | Small-scale Partnership in Youth on tackling Gender-based Discrimination through Non-Formal Learning and Arts (Erasmus+ KA2) 🌈🎨
🗣️ A new exciting chapter has just started! Last month, we held an online Kick off meeting with our partners, where we had the chance to discuss the topic of Gender-based Discrimination, lay a solid foundation for our next steps and much more!
📆 Duration: 12 months
👉 FATE is a Small-Scale Partnership Erasmus+ project aimed at enhancing youth workers’ competencies when working with people encountering Gender-based Discrimination.
🚀 In collaboration with our partners, as well as youth workers and young people themselves, we will be using non-formal education methodology that will focus on blistering the mental well-being with a strong emphasis on empowerment and inclusion, employing artistic tools and outdoor activities to achieve these goals.
As part of the programme we will have the chance to carry out:
✅ 3 study visits
✅ 1 methodology on how to create safer environments for everyone facing Gender-based discrimination
✅ 1 training course to test this methodology in action
🔥 Want to be part of it?
🌈 Keep an eye on our feed, check out our event’s calendar for the next steps and stay tuned for more information coming soon! https://roes.coop/learning-calendar/
🇪🇺 FATE is a Small-Scale Partnership Erasmus+, co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, and a collaboration between Active Rainbow 🇱🇻 | Fundacja Po Prostu Da Się 🇵🇱 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷 |
『 We are very proud to kickstart this project together with our amazing partners. At Roes 🌀, we truly aspire to create inclusive learning spaces and opportunities that will result in bringing social change, and this is only the beginning. See you there! 🌈