We just finished up a super sunny 1-week mobility for youth in Italy all about mental health!

At the start of May, the Don’t Worry Be You project officially opened its doors in the sunny Albenga in Italy for European youth and youth workers interested in diving into the topics of personal & community wellbeing. 

Together, we explored interactive techniques to connect with our emotions, sensations and feelings, but also with nature and each other, with mindfulness, self-expression, and self-care as principles. We got introduced to practical tools to boost our wellbeing, but also developed tight bonds with each other in a post-isolation world, and offered back to nature by cleaning the nearby area and planting 2 trees!

Thanks to this mobility, we had the opportunity to observe the impact of our methodology developed throughout the project, in an international environment with youth and educators from all around Europe – and we are confident we are on the right track.

Are you interested in the topic of wellbeing as well? Stay tuned for what’s coming next in the Don’t Worry Be You sphere: the launch of Embodiment Video Tutorials, Mindfulness Challenge & Podcasts, and the kick-off of the epic Good Deeds Game!

Don’t Worry Be You gave us the opportunity to work with our partners from all around Europe and make a difference in personal and community wellbeing: SHIFT Foundation | YEPP EUROPE | Roes Cooperativa | ALTER Network | YEPP Italia | Institut za kreativno obrazovanje – IKO

『 A big thank you to our awesome partners and participants, who brought the sunshine and made this youth mobility an unforgettable and transformative experience. We’re very grateful for being part of this project, and having all you being parts of this story. Let’s keep making the world brighter together!

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