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🗣️ Our brand new ‘Don’t Worry Be You’ video series is on YouTube!

🎥 Embark on a transformative journey of wellbeing through flowing movements, mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, self-empowerment exercises, and invigorating breathwork. 🌞 We created 9 guided exercises that boost our wellbeing everyday, with calming, grounding, energizing, and releasing effects – plus, a bonus tutorial on how to film your own video tutorial! 💪

This series is a self-paced journey, and can be enjoyed individually or as a group – so gather your friends, family, or even your adorable pets, and let’s grow together. 💫

🎥 Check out the videos here: https://bit.ly/DWBY_videos

🇪🇺 These videos were created by Roes Cooperativa through the ‘Don’t Worry Be You’ project, funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ KA2 programme. It gave us the opportunity to work with our partners from all around Europe, and make a difference in personal and community wellbeing: SHIFT Foundation 🇳🇱 | YEPP EUROPE 🇩🇪 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷 | ALTER Network / Сдружение “Алтер Нетуърк” 🇧🇬 | YEPP Italia 🇮🇹 | Institut za kreativno obrazovanje – IKO 🇭🇷

🌈 The DWBY video series is available exclusively on our YouTube channel, so make sure to hit that subscribe button and join our ever-growing community of happiness-seekers! 🎉 🤸

『 Much gratitude is reserved for the members of our Roes Community who co-created this series with us, in front or behind the camera: Aris, Lefkothea, Stathis, Fanis, Peggie, Marouso and Fragkiskos. It feels amazing to combine our love for embodiment practices with our passion for filmmaking into a series that everyone can follow to get in touch with themselves, their feelings, and the world around them in a post-COVID world… And turn the creation process into a real bonding experience in the meantime. ✨

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