How can art foster inclusion? How can we use artistic techniques to include seniors in society?

✨ This week, we are delighted to host a staff meeting within the strategic partnership (KA2) “The Caravan” project. The aim of this program is to provide staff members with innovative tools and insights to engage seniors in meaningful activities. Throughout the week, we will explore various artistic methods and activities, as well as the living situation of elderly people in Athens.

👋 On our first day, staff members from Spain, Italy, and Greece united. We dove deep into our project’s current status, clarified partner responsibilities, and outlined the next steps. Then, we visited the local market in Athens, observing seniors in everyday life. In the afternoon, we tackled the art of audience engagement and feedback collection for our upcoming performance.

🪄 These are the chronicles of “The Caravan” Staff Training, and we will be sharing stories and posts with you for the next 4 days.

🇪🇺 This project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, enabling us to collaborate with like-minded partner organizations in fostering an inclusive and creative environment for seniors: Calypso – il teatro per il sociale 🇮🇹 | FOCO 🇪🇸 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷

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