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Roes Coop members have a common neurosis towards innovative non-formal education approaches. This drive became their compass while setting the vision and the mission of our company. 

Our vision is to create an open world where everyone has learning opportunities to develop and grow. In simple words, more educational approaches, more options for people to grow.

Our mission is to redefine experiential learning by offering fresh and professional learning programs through customized methods and approaches.


All Roes Coop activities are based and thrive towards four pillars

Personal Growth

Allowing the development of personal fulfillment, interpersonal skills, well-being and healthy lifestyle. 

Professional Development

Enhancing Entrepreneurship skills, employability skills, teamwork and communication skills and experiences.

Social Inclusion

Ensuring and stimulating an inclusive and solidarity society open to everyone working beyond gender, social, racial, health, political, or religious boxes.


Promoting sustainability as a holistic idea of environmental protection, mindful use of resources and healthy relationships.


Roes in Greek mean streams. Roes are the streams that even though they were working separately, (in parallel and together on different occasions since 2013), they decided to come together and create a river that blends their different approaches in a holistic fresh learning experience.

Explore the 13 educational streams that you can experience with us:


Have you ever played a game and later thought that it was also insightful?

Learn through games, challenges, rιddles, treasure hunts, assignments, group missions, LARP activities, and others. Explore with us more experiential learning approaches that stimulate healthy competition and valuable insights.


How would it sound if we tell you that you can learn math by dancing?
Or even do your homework automatically by writing your own code.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics can sound challenging and complicated. Create for yourself fun and meaningful learning learning experiences such as how to take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process that derive from STEAM


Do you also see potential in materials? 

Everything can be useful and be transformed into whatever you have in our mind. Vintage fabrics, old furniture, broken parts of machinery can be repurposed with a pinch of creativity and a pair of crafty hands. Eco-sewing, upcycling, revamping, zero-waste solutions are only a few of the words we have in our everyday DIY dictionary.


What  does it mean to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly in practice?


Learn with us on how to use different aspects of environmental non-formal education and elements such as zero waste, climate change, circular economy, sustainable tourism, urban sustainability to engage youth and adults to be more connected, resilient and empowered to protect the environment.



We are all equal under the starry sky!


Outdoors is the most inclusive playground for non-formal and informal learning. Utilizing outdoor context and nature can be extremely powerful as a learning experience. Lets explore together a starry or a rainy sky, after a long hike, around a bonfire to protect us from the cold, we are all equal. Can you imagine a more inclusive context for learning?

Challenge by Choice

Doing it or not our challenges are there for you to grow!

This method includes social, cultural or geographical challenges for learning purposes. Here, we are not interested and it is not our issue, whether you accept the challenge or not. It is important for us that you know that your experience depends on your choice make or not. These challenges are applied to a variety of environments and certainly involve interaction with society to complete them.



How do we experience the world and engage with our environment through our bodies?

This is the main focal point of embodiment stream. Based on the simple, yet fundamental belief that body, mind and soul are one, we create learning experiences that can engage you in a holistic way. Any type of body movement, from breathing to dancing, from walking to practising martial arts. We like to move it, move it! Do you?

Embodied learning refers to pedagogical approaches that focus on the non-mental factors involved in learning, and that signal the importance of the body and feelings.


Do you know anyone who learnt how to drive a bike from a book?


Now learning is completely on you. Be curious and take the learning in your own hands. Literally. Learning by involvement gives you a first hand experience and learning into things you never tried and always wanted to. Find volunteering projects, internships, traineeships and other do-it-yourself learning opportunities that cannot be undone because basically, its all on you.

Visual Media

1000 words, no studying needed!

Visual Media can be used in almost any discipline to enhance learning. Video making, photography, comics, animations, vlogging are only a few examples of the ways that we use to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

In a multimedia world, it is not possible to focus exclusively on the spoken or written elements, there are more dimensions humans can express. When an image expresses 1000 words, imagine how powerful can be utilizing thousands of unspoken words through Visual Media in a non formal education context.


“Learn the art and do it, so that you don’t get hungry.” 

Art is undoubtedly a way of expression that softens our soul. It also creates aesthetic effects in art spaces or event venues. It’s not just a hobby like a theater or dance class, but it also expresses how we work. It is a learning element that we use in our training and we have it in our quiver as our favorite force to develop our means of expression. How would you like to develop aspects of your personality through the art of theater, dance, performing arts, flash mobs and more generally through art elements? Come with us to an educational process and play your part.

New technologies

Yes! It is possible support others to learn while holding their smartphones. 


Learning is changing and it is becoming more and more digital. Learn from and through social media, web conferencing, blogging, apps and other gifts of modern technology in education. Roes Cooperativa team understands the importance of the digital footprint as a way to create impact and how to communicate your message to the world. Learn with us how to use digital platforms, how to build your brand, how to communicate your message effectively but also how to organize all your work in the cloud with agility and effectivity.


What do you want?
An how you will know that you got it?

These two questions are the most fundamental whrn it gets to our approach in Coaching. With us you will find approaches from NLP, Ontological Coaching, Systemic Work, Embodied coaching, Non-Violent communication

We can support you acquiring those methods in improving your work as a teacher, trainer, manager, coach, youth worker and in general bringing more clarity in your life with people around you. Further more we implement coaching for social impact by supporting NGOs, Social Cooperatives, Grassroot projects and initiatives to  reach the outmost of their potential.

Basic synergy

What are you pretending not to know?


This one is rather specific stream and it is coming from our personal experience as participants, organizers and trainers. The method is called “Basic Synergy” and it is a personal development training concept (also known as Event Wise training) that equips people with tools and techniques that support them understand their abilities to achieve personal and professional success while enjoying life. In the training, you are the creator of your own experience. This training is about learning new skills, and you can set your own limits regarding how far you want to go.

ROES CO-Founders

working since 2013 together and in parallel they decided in 2020 to create Roes Cooperativa


meet the team of employees, interns and superstars that help Roes Coop on a daily basis achieve its mission 

The COOP’s Values

Roes Coop team have commit to work and create based on the values below


We do something with soul, creativity, or love. We put something of ourselves into our work.


We unite our strengths and expertise, therefore we bring a variety.


We are committed to supporting the environment, the human resources, and the economy around us.


We make simple actions with a significant impact.


We are turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.

Initiatives they support

The organisations and initiatives that Roes are committed to support and back them up when needed.

our supporters

The organisations and people behind them that Roes are grateful have them on their side.

our partners

The organisations and people behind them that we join forces and grow together.

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