The highlight for today was Teamwork!

✨ We started the day with a workshop on Migration, during which we explored the different narratives and stories behind this topic, sharing our perspectives and personal stories.

📸 How to transform your vision into a clear message? How to deliver this message to an audience? What are the steps needed to create a social impactful change through social media? Those are some of the questions that drove our day. To answer those, given our morning session, we put our minds and hands on work creating our first trial version of a social promotional video on Migration.

Today we can call it a success, we worked hard (also having fun), creating five small amazing social promotional videos! But, most importantly, we have been creative using our personal stories and talents.

🪄 These are the chronicles of “New Narratives on Migration” Youth Media Training, and we will be sharing stories and posts with you for the following 6 days.

🇪🇺 The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, allowing us to join forces with our partner organisations to create an inclusive and creative environment: Champions Factory 🇮🇪Scout Society 🇷🇴Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷Progeu 🇮🇹Association Hexagonale🇫🇷Europass Berlin 🇩🇪Asociación SEI (Servicio Socioeducativo Intercultural) 🇪🇸

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