E-mployed | Staff Meeting

🗣️ We met in Sasso di Castalada, Italy!
Freshly back from our staff meeting in Italy on 27/06 – 02/07, and we are very excited to share our news with you! 🎙
🤝 We met with our 4 partner organisations about the content, what we are creating within the project, and we discussed and set up our work plan for the next months.
E-mployed aims at providing unemployed young people with career guidance and peer education, and we want to best reach them through creative and interactive tools. We have been working on these tools for some time now, and we met to develop them further.
🎯 In this working meeting, we:
◎ Developed learning challenges for the E-mployed card game, which will allow young unemployed people to acquire professional skills through interesting challenges with various levels of difficulty 🃏
◎ Planned a Youth Mobility in Ελπιδοχώρι / Hopeland for April 2023, where we will test these learning challenges with young people
◎ Visualized the environment of the E-mployed Escape Room; It’s going to be in a Minecraft-type environment, and will further challenge unemployed youth to put their skills into practice 🕹️
◎ Built the E-mployed Play for Skill platform map, with fun and educational content on employability, and discussed how it should look and function 💻
◎ And… We planned a series of Tik Tok videos and animations with employability tips 🕺
Curious to see how you can use these tools when working with youth? ⚒️ Stay tuned, as we will also create a guidebook for youth workers on how they can incorporate these tools in their daily work.
🇪🇺 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, which allowed us to join forces with our partner organisations to combat youth unemployment:
『 We want to express our gratitude to Inclusion Go for hosting this meeting; They created a great environment for the team to work together, but without feeling like work – even when it’s about employability and professional development. On top of that, we got the chance to travel in an eco-friendly way, choosing the boat instead of a plane! 🚢 We got to be adventurous, spontaneous and get out of our box in all areas this meeting, and we are looking forward to bring this spirit into the next months of working together. 』
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