🗣 We met!
☑️ Our first transnational meeting took place a few days ago in Bitonto, Italy, coordinated by Sinergia Go2Europe. 🎯 Purpose: to define and plan the content of the trainings that will support seniors and their educators.
Having music 🎶, dance 🤸, creative. writing, and theater in our suitcases, is expected to mobilize seniors to participate in educational and playful workshops and like this open their path towards active ageing.
🌀 And the journey just begun!
📍The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program.
『Roes team is very proud to participate in the design of learning opportunities especially for a target group that is rarely included. In this project, we open the way for seniors to express their skills and talents through the arts. “I grow old while leraning.” Socrates.