🗣 We have great plans!
How do you imagine yourself after the age of 60? What do you know about active ageing? How can arts support seniors be socially included? These are some of the questions that we want to answer through our involvement in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “Seniors in Arts”.
☑️ After our first transnational meeting in Bitonto, Italy, in mid-June, we rolled up our sleeves for the next steps of this project…
Do you want to hear our plans? Then continue reading!
📓 During this period, all partners of the project are collaborating in the creation of a booklet with guidelines for the motivation and participation of senior learners in artistic workshops.
💡 In September, the Portuguese partner Vida+Viva / Associação Animam Viventem will host a training for the educators who work with seniors based on the guideline booklet that we are preparing.
🎭 Next spring, all partners will organize in their countries local educational and playful workshops with theater, music, dance and creative writing that will involve at least 20 seniors.
🎉 Finally, we are excited to announce that we will host some of the senior learners and their accompanying people from our partner countries in a multicultural event here in Greece, in October next year!
🌀 Our journey continues and we have exciting news to share! Our first #newsletter has been published! You can find it here in English 👉 and here in Greek 👉 to discover more details about our project.
📍The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program.
『Roes team is very proud to participate in the design of learning opportunities especially for a target group that is rarely included. In this project, we open the way for seniors to express their skills and talents through the arts. “I grow old while learning.” – Socrates. 』