🗣 We held our local workshops for people over 55!
🎨 On May 10th and 12th, our senior learners gathered in Connect your City, where they participated in workshops about expressive arts. As part of the activities we danced, moved, expressed ourselves and our feelings through painting and we reflected on the benefits of arts in active aging.
🪄This experiential learning opportunity took place as part of the KA2 project “Seniors in Arts”, aiming at active aging and improving the quality of life of the seniors.
🔔Stay tuned for more activities and initiatives we will implement in the context of non formal education for senior learners.
『Roes team is very proud to participate in the design of learning opportunities especially for a target group that is rarely included. In this project, we open the way for seniors to express their skills and talents, or simply their passion, through the arts. “I grow old while learning – Solon” 』
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