🗣️ We released the Participatory Documentary made by participants of New Narratives Youth Media Training!
🍿 There are pillows for everyone? Where are the popcorns?
After some work behind the scenes, some editing and post-editing adjustments, we finally released the New Narratives’ Participatory Documentary. 🎥 We shared this success with our local community and international partners during a cozy and homie projection in our co-working space in Connect your City.
💭 After watching the documentary, we shared our lunch break together discussing what we saw, and sharing our impressions and thoughts. How does the world transform when you look at it through someone else’s eyes?
🇪🇺 New Narratives Youth Mobility is part of the KA2 Project ReCreate, co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, and a collaboration between Champions Factory 🇮🇪 | Scout Society 🇷🇴 | Roes Cooperativa 🇬🇷 | Progeu 🇮🇹 | Association Hexagonale 🇫🇷 | Europass Academy Berlin 🇩🇪 | Asociación SEI (Servicio Socioeducativo Intercultural) 🇪🇸
『 We are very happy for this sharing moment with our community and fellow organizations, it is always a delight for us. We are more than grateful to all the New Narratives participants and the people they met in Athens, who made this documentary possible! 』