🗣️ We hosted a local workshop in collaboration with Θετική Φωνή (Positive Voice)!
Last week we had the joy to be hosted in Positive Hub, and work on community wellbeing through non-formal education together with volunteers and employees of Positive Voice, active in Red Umbrella Athens. My Checkpoint 📌, and Ref Checkpoint.
In our 2-hour long workshop ‘Zero Gravity’ 🤸 we explored together our expression and connection through movement, using our body in a playful and mindful manner, and drawing from the 4 elements of nature 🔥 to build our community in a still unstable post-COVID world.
🌤️ Zero Gravity happened through the realm of the ‘Don’t Worry, Be You’ project, whose goal is to create and offer tools to youth and youth workers, so they can deal with the negative effects on their wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Are you jealous and want to join us? Stay tuned for our open workshop which will happen in Athens at the beginning of March – and, spoilers, it will be on embodiment and creative writing. 🤫 Pre-book your place by writing to us at projects@roes.coop
🇪🇺 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme. And brought us together with our partner organisations to combat the effects of the pandemic to young people’s wellbeing through Don’t Worry Be You:
『 We want to thank Θετική Φωνή (Positive Voice) and Niko Chatzaki for hosting us in their open and welcoming space in Positive Hub, the new community space in Athens. 💜 We hold an immense appreciation for their work with vulnerable groups, and their dedication to improving their quality of life at the same time as advocating for their rights. For us, they are one of the most inspiring examples of work on community wellbeing in Greece, and we are very happy that we got to collaborate through the scope of this project. 🌈 We hope that we can continue working together in the future on equally inspiring and beautiful initiatives. 』