🗣️ Our Blended Mobility for school students and their educators took place in Bran, Romania, this January!
For one week, 32 students and 8 teachers participated in several activities to learn how to incorporate e-learning platforms in the classrooms, tried out different mindfulness and NLP practices, experimented with dance and art activities, and how these can make school environments more fun and inclusive.
🏰 They also got to enjoy their free time in the town of Bran, Romania, skiing and visiting the notorious Dracula Castle!
💫 Thanks to this mobility we had the opportunity to observe the impact of our methodology developed throughout the project, in an international environment with students and educators from all around Europe.
🇪🇺 The project is co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, allowing us to join forces with our partner organisations to create an inclusive and creative school environment:
『 We are very grateful for being an active member of this strategic partnership and for the support and inspiration we receive from our partners. In Roes, we find it delightful to see how non formal education methods support formal learning and make it more powerful, inclusive and impactful. 』