🗣️ Our final local event took place in Connect Athens in Kato Patisia!
👴👵 Our first project related to seniors’ lifelong learning is coming to an end! “Seniors in Arts” was a strategic partnership with the objectives to support and promote active aging, through seniors’ engagement in different types of arts.
🎯 During our final event we:
✅ evaluated the overall achievements of our project.
✅ assessed the impact it had on participants over 55 from all the partner countries.
✅ Discussed the challenges that arose during the implementation of the project and how we overcame them.
✅ Discussed future plans and possibilities for expanding the project and involving more senior citizens from different countries.
🤝 Seniors in arts is a KA2 project co-funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ programme, and a collaboration between the organisations: Sinergia Go2Europe 🇮🇹 | Buharkent Halk Eğitimi Merkezi 🇹🇷 | Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica 🇵🇱 | Vida+Viva / Associação Animam Viventem 🇵🇹
『 We are very proud to share the results of the project, and look back at its impact together. At Roes 🌀, we truly aspire to create interesting and qualitative learning opportunities for all ages, and this is just the beginning. See you there! 』