🗣 We held our online workshops for teenagers from Greece!
🎨 On Feb 27th, our teenagers gathered on the platform of Zoom, hosted by Ralleio High School of Piraeus, where they participated in workshops about communication and presentation skills, through rhetoric art. As part of the activities, we experimented with speech techniques how to read out texts and met new friends. We enjoy being in a community of youths inspired by actions that connect different regions, ages, schools, and universities.
🪄 These experiential learning opportunities took place as part of the ESC local project “Speech Routes”, aiming at the active spread of rhetoric art improving the quality of interactions of teenagers and youths.
🔔 Stay tuned for more activities and initiatives we will implement in the context of non formal education for senior learners.
🤝 The core-loving team of this project are: Marilina Fotiou Fotiou, @Marilina, @Marianna, @Ina, @Panagiotis, coached by @Yiorgos.
🌍 This project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps (ESC), and supported by INEDIVIM.
『Roes team is very proud to host and implement the learning opportunities for local youths to express their own feelings upon their inspirations. We keep in mind that as a cooperative enterprise which focused on this age, we give the stage to them to coordinate and spread creativity to their peers.』