🗣 We shared local experiential activities in nature for children!

🎨 In April and May, children in Attica gathered in parks and participated in recreational activities based on team building, environmental awareness and non-verbal communication. As part of the activities, we experimented with speech techniques and how to create a speech on the spot, communicate without speaking, laughing and making new friends. We enjoy being in a community of youths and especially children inspired by actions in nature that give the chance to connect each other without having met before.

🪄 These experiential learning opportunities took place as part of the ESC local project “Speech Routes”, aiming at the active spread of rhetoric art improving the quality of interactions of teenagers and youths.

🔔 Stay tuned for more activities and initiatives we will implement in the context of non formal education for senior learners.

🤝 The core-loving team of this project are: @Marilina Fotiou, @Marilina, @Marianna, @Ina, @Panagiotis, coached by @Yiorgos.

🌍 This project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps (ESC), supported by Greek national agency INEDIVIM.

『The Roes team is very proud that through playing in nature, knowledge of simple life skills is achieved, even at an early age. The team that coordinates them through their interactivity provide entertainment and education.』

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