🗣 We are preparing for our group debute in 7th Open Your Mind Camp at Corfu for youths.

🎨 Last week we gathered physically and altogether after long time to densign, organize about the big event of the year, @openyourmindcamp. In this context we met each others and we shared our common passion rhetoric art. For first time, now we are going to participate as group as facilitators by taking the opportunity to spread the rhetoric art through literature and communication skills activities.

🙏 There were fruitful meeting days for us since we realized that it is all about being in a sense of team spirit working in the liaison of project management. And as this, we began to feel more accountable for our Route..

🔔 Stay tuned for more activities and initiatives we will implement in the context of non formal education for youths..

🌍 Speech Routes is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps (ESC), aiming at the active spread of rhetoric art improving the quality of interactions of teenagers and youths.

『Roes team is supports young people to pass on their passion and knowledge to youth communities. Thus, the specific action in Corfu also aims at this goal. Rhetoric: using language in a healthy and democratic way.』

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