🗣 We were also there with D-MANeD project in a completely matching – with our basic tools of rhetoric – educational project of Roes!

🎨 On June 25th, youths from Athens gathered in the context of D-MANeD project on a cheerful way to practice non-verbal skills through body movement and verbal competencies through rhetorical and improv theatre techniques. From the core of the speech routes team, we could not be absent to this unique follow-up local activity, which was held as a closing activity of the “Dance, Movement, Music and Rhetoric”, training of KA2 project in Athens, and our coach, @Yiorgos was member of trainers team. We met educator,s, youth workers, and teachers from Europe. We actively participated exchanged good practices inspired by the art of speech and body language to promote peaceful communication and its implementation implementing into school classes among students. As part of the activities, we experimented with speech techniques and how to create a speech on the spot. Also, we practiced effective communication with participants n a non verbal way. We enjoyed team spirit, laughed and were part of the community of active youth workers!

🙏 It was an extremely important day for us for two more reasons, since we had the honour to have in this project as guest trainer, @Valia Loutrianaki, educator of Greek language, creative thinking and Rhetoric, faculty member of the MA of Rhetoric-University of Athens, president of the Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education, who gave a new perspective in this training and we highly appreciate it!

🤝 This experiential learning opportunity took place as part of the D-MANeD KA2 Erasmus+ project.

🔔 Stay tuned for more activities and initiatives we will implement in the context of non formal education for teenagers and youths.

🌍 D-MANeD is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program and Speech Routes is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

『Roes team is very proud to host and implement the learning opportunities for local youths to express their own needs. Also, the youth team of speech routes is present and belongs to a larger community of educators sharing the same core elements of rhetoric and experiential learning.』

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