🗣We participated in Open Your Mind Camp 2022-Kerkyra, where we initially met a few years ago and were inspired.. our routes. Democratic Education and Rhetoric are our tools to support teenagers and young people to communicate with clarity and courage. And it was done!

🎨 On July 9-11, young people from all over Greece met in Corfu, in a coordination of the @rhetoricedu and @Seirios which every year offers experiential training and life with a camping mood and exploration.
With the help of the word and the art of rhetoric, @Μαριλίνα λίνα, @Ina Ίna Makrydaki, @Mar a Sikali and @Panagiotis Mylonakis as animators took part by spreading their ideas and experiences through educational seminars on literature, communication skills and values cooperation and solidarity. The participating teenagers testified that they developed their interpersonal relationships and strengthened their ways of argumentation as well as enhanced their creativity. We enjoyed the team spirit, felt that our team confidence was built more and found a few hours of carefree time. Grateful to coordinate between what we love: speaking, communication, camping!

🙏 In the extremely important two days for us, we had the honor and opportunity to work closely with the inspiring instructor, @Valia Loutrianaki, teacher of Greek Language, Creative Thinking and Rhetoric, faculty member of the MA of Rhetoric-University. of Athens, president of the Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education, who gave a new perspective to this education and we greatly appreciate it!

🤝 This experiential learning opportunity was held as part of the 7th OpenYourMindCamp by the main organizer of the Hellenic Union for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education https://bit.ly/greekrhetoricedusite.

🔔 Tune in for more activities and initiatives that we will implement in the context of non-formal education for teenagers and young people.

🌍 Speech Routes- Διαδρομές Λόγου are co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). The planning and implementation of the actions are undertaken by @Marilina Fotiou, @Marilina, @Marianna, @I, @Panagiotis.

『The Roes team is especially proud to give space to young people to realize what inspires them. Experiential learning for youth is a means of developing their personality as they develop life skills, outside of their comfort zone, in an organic and healthy way. Also, it is especially motivating that the youth group of speech routes is actively present and belongs to a wider community of educators/animators who share the common core elements of rhetoric and democratic education.』

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