🗣 At the beginning of autumn, and near the end of our annual project, we met each others next to the sea in the very-inspiring multi-space NISI Raches. The goal was to reconnect through experiential educational games.

🎨 After three days in nature, it was only fitting to put together new ideas for implementation.
A new group was born, with a focus on cooking and social kitchen that will accompany Roes for a year on its next journey of solidarity in the local community.

🙏 At the Nisi multispace we had the opportunity to smell how young people from all over Europe are employed in social solidarity and green development projects, as well as to learn about the volunteer support campaigns organized by wheeling2help.

🤝 This experiential learning opportunity and networking took place in the context of the dissemination of results and exchange of good practices of speech routes and brought us closer to people from Greece who are active in the personal development of young people.

🌍 Speech Routes are co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps Greece (ESC). The planning and implementation of the actions are undertaken by Marilina, Marianna, Ina, Panagiotis, coached by Yiorgos.

『The Roes team is especially happy as in the same place they had coordinated a bootcamp of their strategic goals, part of which was the implementation of a local youth group with a focus on social sensitivity. So now, the habit of meeting at Nisi continues, with the company of wheeling2help.. We are proud that in practice, speechroutes are holding the thread of making connections by motivating themselves and other young people, to explore experiential learning towards all directions.』#WeAreRoes #RoesCoop #WhatsYourStream #SocialEntreprise #NonFormalEducation #ΙΝΕΔΙΒΙΜ
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