Art is not only to entertain. Art is to provoke, to move, to make people ACT & REACT. Inclusion and Performing Arts for Young People.
📍 Athens, Greece
📆 10-23 October 2021
Deadline for applications: soon, until 29 of August
👉 Are you a young person coming from Spain, Serbia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Cyprus or Greece? Get ready to act for social change and inclusion through performing arts.
What to expect:
✅ A multicultural environment where we have space for self-expression, acceptance, and the feeling of belonging.
✅ Various artistic sessions indoors and outdoors. We will communicate inclusion by using performing arts and any other artistic forms are welcomed!
✅ An open space in order to put our ideas and concerns into action through artistic forms.
✅ An informal learning setting where we will work in groups as well as with our own self.
🎯 This is an informal learning opportunity hosted by Roes Cooperativa and a co-creation between youth organisations, Roes Cooperativa, ArCT, Asociación Dinámica, YOUnique, Fabrika KollektiV, Vega Youth Center / Vega omladinski centar, E8G, YOUth Connect, Youth organization re:view


😷Covid Strategy:

💸 The project is co-financed by the EU Erasmus + program. And it covers the costs of participation, accommodation, transportation and food for this activity.