⛽ The feeling of inspiration is a great fuel that makes us work on our projects and evolve as artists. But it’s not always easy to be inspired and we may feel a lack of motivation and apathy. When this happens it is important to be aware of our sources of inspiration so we can revisit them., and they can be reflected in art and day-to-day decisions and actions.
💫 Today we reflected on what those sources are and then made different related activities to share and express what inspires us.
💎 We started with a sharing circle activity when we wrote our personal sources of inspiration, which we later transformed into our authentic movement and automatic writing. We were also honored to have a guest workshop with Demy Papathanasiou, who is such an inspiring person herself. To finish the day, we organized a movie night.
🎭 We are the protagonists of the Life in 3 ACTS youth exchange and we are taking over the Facebook page of Roes Cooperativa for the next 5 days. Stay tuned!
🙌 The project is co-financed and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Greece.