🧩 This is the last day of our project. It’s a day of completion, a day of appreciation, a day to put together the last pieces of our new mosaic.
🔑 We had our last community circle, we said “see you later” to our support groups, we took care of the space that was our home for the last 12 days, we packed our bags and we got ready to move forward.
🫂 This not a closing, it’s a new beginning. A beginning of a new world full of expended perspectives, colorful faces and rave moments.
🎭 We are the protagonists of the Life in 3 ACTS youth exchange and while closing our experience, we would like to say how grateful we are for everyone for being here and making it happen.
🙏 Also, the Roes team would like to say a big THANK YOU to Stella Nasiakou, the heart and soul of the project, Despoina Rafailidou, the mastermind coordinator, Eleni Papaioannou from ArCT for being our bright example of inclusion through arts, Michaela Nasiakou and Ioanna Lioliou for putting all their meraki and love in the kitchen and filled our bellies..
🙌 The project is co-financed and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Greece.