🌡The morning started with a fantastic warm-up that got us in the mood for the day.
👩‍❤️‍👨 The first part of the day was focusing on self-awareness. It was very empowering and gave us the strength we needed to start the project. As the day was flowing we also worked on some team-building activities. That gave us the sensation that the Life in 3 acts community has been created.
💫 The second part of the day gave us energy and tools to create our own way of expressing ourselves without judgment and with complete freedom.
🌱Overall, the day was transforming.
🎭 We are the protagonists of the Life in 3 ACTS youth exchange and we are taking over the Facebook page of Roes Cooperativa for the next 11 days. Stay tuned!
🙌 The project is co-financed and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Greece.