🙌🏻Today we got closer to the goal of the project, which is to increase employability. During the Morning Circle we shared our needs and offered support to each other.
🎶The next activities included elements of sound, simulation, cooperation and creating a promotional video of the process. The conclusions were shared in groups, highlighting what worked, what didn’t, and what could have been done to get better results.
🎭 Veronica Spagna facilitated an activity about the Circle of Creativity and then we applied the approach in real-life situations. We worked in teams and had the space to share our conclusions through performance in front of everybody.
🌱After lunch, we continued with learning more about the 7 motivational anchors, walking around the venue and discovering what inspires each of us in the work field.
🎲We ended the day with self-reflection, group reflection and preparation for THE GAME of tomorrow. We got excited and inspired, but you will find out more about this tomorrow!
🧩We are the players of the Boomerang youth exchange and we are also taking over the Facebook page of Roes Cooperativa for the next 8 days. Stay tuned!